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Tata Steel 2024:

Photo 20th of january 2018

World Championship Kazakhstan 2023:

World Championship Dubai 2021:

World Championship London 2018:

World Championship New York 2016:

Rapid Tie Breaks, nov. 30th

Memorable Grandmaster games:

Witness how chess develops in the past centuries.
Special thanks to Hans Nuijen

Basic chess course:

From scratch till Grandmaster.

Lesson No.1: Capture the king and win!

Next lessons:


  • Only knights may jump over pieces or pawns.
  • Castling is a king movement. He moves always two squares, left or right.
  • Castling is a good move to bring your king in safety.
  • It's forbidden to castle either when the king or concerning rook has moved at least once.
  • It's forbidden to castle when the king is currently in check.
  • It's forbidden to castle when the king passes an attacked square.
  • It's forbidden to castle when the king would move into check.
  • Capturing a pawn 'en passant' may happen only at the very next turn.
  • Checkmate finishes the game. You don't need to capure the king at the next move.
  • The game is finished when one player resigns.
  • When you're not in check and can't do any move, without getting checked, it's a draw by stalemate.
  • A draw is forced by three times exactly the same position,
    with the same options in the position, like e.g. option to castle or capturing en passant or not.
    Also the rooks or knights may not have switch positions.
  • It's a draw when both players aggree to.
  • It's a draw when there's a lack of material to checkmate opponent.
  • It's a draw if 50 moves are played, without capture or pawn movement.

    Lesson: Experienced chess players build their own opening repertoire.
    Choose an opening you like most, persist playing and improve it,
    till it becomes a part of you.

    It's all about controling the center.
    Develop your pawns and light pieces for this purpose.

    Karpov Teaches Chess Opening Fundamentals:

    21:15 min.

    481 Grandmaster's openings:

    Tip: Check Youtube for advanced information.
    Just type there the name of the opening as mentioned below.

    Opening Index:

  • 1. e4, e5 : Italian till Hanham
  • 1. e4, e6 : French
  • 1. e4, c6 : Caro-Kann
  • 1. e4, c5 : Sicilian
  • 1. e4, d5 : Scandinavian and Marshall Gambit
  • 1. e4, Nf6 : Aljechin Defence
  • 1. e4, d6 : Pirc Defence and Balogh
  • 1. e4, Nc6 : Nimzowitsch
  • 1. e4, g6 or 1. e4, b6 : Fianchetti
  • 1. d4, d5 : Queen's Gambit till Queen Pawn Opening
  • 1. d4, Nf6 : Catalan till Double Indian Knight Game
  • 1. d4, f5 : Dutch
  • 1. d4, b5 : Polish Defence
  • 1. d4, c5 : Benoni
  • 1. d4, e5 : Englund Gambit
  • 1. d4, e6 : Keres System
  • 1.Nf3 : Reti
  • 1.Nf3, Nf6 : King's Indian Attack
  • 1.f4, d5 : Bird's
  • 1.f4, e5 : From Gambit
  • 1.f4, f5 : Swiss Gambit
  • 1.c4 : English
  • 1.b4 : Sokolsky

    Source: Opening Vademecum by drs. F. Roessel, 1973

    Be aware of:

    Opening Traps:

    Karpov's Middlegame Strategies:

    Opening 'Scotch Gambit' listed above.

    18:32 min.


    Health advice: A puzzle every day, keeps your brain okay. :)

    1000 Training puzzles:

    Just click 'show solution' several times, to see how it works out.

    Studies and compositions:

    Fischer random chess aka chess960:

  • the King must be placed somewhere between the Rooks.
  • the Bishops must be on opposite color squares.
  • after castling, the Rook and King's final positions are exactly the same as they would be in standard chess.

    Chess960 rapid World Championship 2006:

    My own favorite chess games:

    Submitted chess games:

    Your legacy online!
    Mail me your best games to the address at the bottom of this site,
    or via the form below. Preferable in PGN-format.

    Submit your chess games:

    PGN editor :

    Create your own PGN-files.

  • Tab1: Adjust starting position, if necessary.
  • Tab2: Play your game.
  • Tab3: Fill in details.
  • Tab4: Select PGN and right-mouse-click copy-paste it to Notepad.
    Save it as 'MyGame.pgn'.

    Challengers :

    White checkmates in two moves.
    Find the first keymove.
    (Tip: Solutions never starts with check.)
    And they ain't easy! :)

    Collected at the Tata Steel Chess Tournament.

    Blindfold Chess Training:

    Molware's Puzzle Corner:

    Retrograde puzzles:

    Here you first have to find out,
    what could be the last move of black.

    Puzzle No. 01. 4 Moves for black.
    Puzzle No. 02. Where's the white king?
    Puzzle No. 03. 8 Queens.


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